Precious metals are in short supply in the world and recycling is a prerequisite for securing raw materials now and in the future.

Metals can be recycled over and over again without compromising quality. Our contribution to securing metals available in the future is to explore more areas where extraction, recycling, and refining are possible.

K.A. Rasmussen refines precious metals from a wide variety of sources and materials to give customers the best possible return for their metal and provide a source of metal for manufacturing precious metal products.
This includes a thermal reduction to capture all available precious metals. We have the ability to strip surface coatings, either chemically or through mechanical treatment, and are able to perform both large and small-scale smelting. The material is concentrated through chemical leaching then it is ready for dissolution and elemental separation. 

Our recycling services include:

Global support and worldwide assistance. K.A. Rasmussen takes care of logistics management which include shipping, administration and hazardous (TFS). We offer finance solutions like metal loans, leases and swaps as well as metal management including a dedicated metal account and transfers and trades.

Clients and inspectors are welcome to K.A. Rasmussen to witness how we process your material and verify our results.

Examples of materials we refine:

  • Spent catalyst & residues
  • Sludges & residues
  • Powders & pastes
  • Wash coats
  • Plated materials and components
  • Plating & stripping solutions
  • Anodes & cathodes
  • Aero engine components
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Filters
  • Wipes
  • Jigging wires
  • Silver film & paste
  • Evaporation & sputtering waste