K.A. Rasmussen AS is the largest producer and supplier of precious metals in the Nordics, with 150 years of experience. We refine gold, silver and platinum Group metals from around the world.


We have a long tradition and knowledge of producing semi-finished products for gold and silversmiths. We offer a complete range of alloys and product types.


We recycle and refine materials to provide metals for manufacturing which has a significantly lower environmental impact than sourcing mined metal.

K.A. Rasmussen has produced and launched our own Norwegian-produced investment coin.

K.A. Rasmussen is proud to be able to say that the historic coin has been created sustainably, in line with the company´s 150-year history of production based on recycling. Read more about our new investment coins here.

We care

Our refining processes have been specially designed to maximize recovered metal and minimise losses.

Results are honest and verifiable with assay reports provided and we welcome third party inspections.

We are a producer.  Refined metal is used to manufacture products instead of trading semi-processed material.

We refine to pure metal giving a more reliable result than testing powders and providing excellent material for manufacturing.  The purity of our metals helps to give a better performing product.

We do what it takes to help our customers get the best possible service.