K.A. Rasmussen has produced and launched history´s first Norwegian-produced investment coin.

The coin is now available on the market and is made from 100% recycled Nordic precious metals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the coin, available in both silver and gold, stands as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to precision – a commitment honed over its remarkable 150-year legacy in the industry.

A year-long process.

-Canada has its Maple Leaf coin, South Africa has its Krugerrand coin and the US has its Eagle. For quite some time we have aspired to create our own bullion coin, and that dream has been realised. This project, which began in the winter of 2022 culminated in December 2023 when we made history by producing our first-ever investment coin, crafted from 100% recycled Nordic gold and silver.

A genuine and sustainable product, made from recycled Nordic precious metals

K.A. Rasmussen is proud to be able to say that the historic coin has been created sustainably, in line with the company´s 150-year history of production based on recycling. – The gold and silver used in this production consist of 100% recycled Nordic precious metals, of the purest quality, which is unique. This is not precious metals sourced from mining or associated with child labour. Instead, it is a genuine product derived from surpluses in refining and precious metals circulating in Nordic countries throughout history.

1 oz gold coin and 1 kg silver coin bar

As a beacon of innovation, the release includes not only a 1 oz gold coin but also an extraordinary 1kg pure silver coin bar solidifying K.A. Rasmussen´s dedication to both history and responsible craftsmanship. The coins are minted at the Mint of Norway.