Research and Development

Innovation and technical development of our own products and services are the main focus in our internal R&D department.

K.A. Rasmussen has a dedicated R&D-department focussed on the technical aspects of our products and services. These development projects include dedicated collaborations with customers and the continuous improvement of existing products and services.

The R&D-department has core knowledge within the fields of Metallurgy/Materials Engineering and Chemistry/Catalysis. This is an excellent combination to drive development in metals production and product development.

The R&D-department acts as a link to other companies and cooperate regularly with well-established R&D-institutions. These institutions are, among others, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the University of Oslo (UiO) and SINTEF.

K.A. Rasmussen is part of the research center iCSI (industrial Catalyst Science and Innovation), which is a cooperation between NTNU, UiO, SINTEF, Haldor Topsøe, Yara, Dynea, Inovyn and K.A. Rasmussen. iCSI is a Center of Research based Innovation, which is funded by the Research Council of Norway. The work done in this research center is world leading within the field of catalysis. K.A. Rasmussen assist in two working groups, one for our silver catalyst and one for our platina catalyst. The goal is to create innovations based on improved knowledge of the catalytic properties of our catalyst systems.

The main projects within the R&D-department are designed to improvements of our refining and production solutions, as well as improving the quality and performance of our products. Continuous improvement of our knowledge of chemical, mechanical, and casting properties of precious metals allows us to improve what we do every day.

In addition to knowing the internal processes, the behavior of our products must be understood. This helps to ensure our customers receive the best products for their purpose and the product performance is as good as possible.

Our R&D-staff are always open for a technical discussion regarding our products and services.

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